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Diabetic Care


Diabetic foot care includes general podiatry care as well as the assessment and screening of foot complications and risk factors involved with diabetes. An in-depth assessment determines the status of your medical conditions including any vascular and neurological concerns. In testing your vascular status, your circulation is assessed by the use of a Doppler Ultrasound, whilst neurological status tests your sensation, vibration and proprioception. An important part of your diabetic foot care includes evaluating your footwear and informing you on how you should be caring for your diabetic feet.

In testing your vascular status, your circulation is assessed by the use of a Doppler Ultrasound (and if need be, depending on the podiatrist's findings, Toe Brachial Pressure using Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors may be used to further determine your circulation to your foot ankle (sorry about the big words :)


Wound management requires the assessment of the wound’s causative factors. Post-assessment treatment often includes callous debridement (removal), appropriate dressing selection to help activate wound healing and the implementation of methods to reduce pressure to the wound. Padding, post-operative footwear, orthotics or immobilisation boots can all be utilised in this offloading procedure.

Home Visits

Manny Dhillon our principal podiatrist offers treatment at home for housebound patients. If you are suffering a medical condition or disabiliy that makes it difficult for you to leave your own residence, then Manny or one of our other podiatrists will be able to visit you in the comfort of your own home to attend to your podiatry needs.